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Dr. Richman's story is inspirational.  Dr. Richman's talk and book provided an opportunity to discuss failure, self-doubt, anxiety, and loss, and ways to meet those challenges in medical school.  I'm grateful that we were able to have Dr. Richman speak for our lunch and learn series, and were able to give away several copies of her book.  Every medical student can benefit from encouragement for dealing with life's challenges.  I believe this was valuable for the students who participated.
Kelly D. Holder, Ph.D. - Brown Medical School

Dr. Olivia experienced firsthand what it was like to struggle in medical school and how isolating and lonely it can be. However, even though the struggle was real and the failures were painful, she luckily had "mental health hacks" - which she learned through her decade-plus journey of personal growth and development seminars, therapy, and life coaching - that helped turn those challenging setbacks into powerful comebacks.


Dr. Olivia shares vulnerable and personal life stories, as well as expert opinions in each chapter about life in medical school and how to bounce back. She wants you to know that you can achieve greatness and be kind to others; You can strive for excellence and show yourself compassion; You can be an exceptional doctor and an extraordinary human being.

The Thriver’s Guide to Medical School is for anyone who has felt alone in their hardships and is ready to do more than survive them — they’re ready to thrive.

“The Thriver’s Guide To Medical School is a truly inspiring read and offers a new narrative to med students: you don’t have to participate in a culture of excessive self-sacrifice, and it’s time we remove toxicity from ourselves, and our institutions.”
- Dr. Dustyn Williams, OnlineMedEd
“The Thriver’s Guide To Medical School pulls away the curtain exposing the raw experience of the medical training process. Dr.Richman delivers hopeful tips, tricks, and positive reinforcement that any medical trainee can benefit from.”
- Mike Natter, MD - artist, influencer, type 1 DM activist
Every student experiences self-doubt and anxiety throughout their years, but few admit it. The Thriver’s Guide To Medical School is a remarkable stepping stone in breaking down barriers, sparking conversation, and reducing stigma in the medical field.”
- Noam Raiter, MD - digital creator IG, mental health activist
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