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Making quiet conversations, LOUD.

Dr. Olivia Richman

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Mission Statement

"Dr. Olivia Richman created a YouTube channel while in medical school to educate girls about their bodies and normalize the conversation of sex. During her rotations at hospitals, she came across countless pre-teen and teenage girls who either came into the ER thinking they were dying, when in reality they were menstruating for the first time and no one had taught them what that was.

Or, they would come to the ER 6 months into an unintentional pregnancy because comprehensive sex education isn't being taught nationwide. Dr. Olivia was compelled to start a YouTube channel destigmatizing the conversation of sex and teaching basic sex education on a larger platform. 

Also during medical school, Dr. Olivia started a podcast with her mental health therapist fiancé called "RelationShit Happens". Social media portrays endless perfection and they want to remind people that 1, Relationships are not perfect and 2, You can have a perfectly imperfect relationship if you know how to communicate powerfully, effectively, and with an "un-messable-with" mindset. Dr. Olivia and Kevin Charles offer 2:2 couples coaching for you and your partner. 

  • YouTube
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