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Making quiet conversations, LOUD.

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Mission Statement

Dr. Olivia Richman is a Cuban-American Family Medicine physician, author, speaker and content creator. After seeing countless cases of sexual assault and unwanted teen pregnancies while in medical school, she decided to start a YouTube channel educating the millennial and GenZ population on sexual health titled, GlamourPuss, MD. She subsequently gave 2 TEDx talks on the importance of "making quiet conversations, loud", encouraging people to speak up about sexual wellness and education.

Dr. Olivia co-hosts a podcast with her partner, KC, a mental health therapist, where they discuss their relationship arguments and how to work through them - in under 15 minutes! They believe that the identification and ongoing discussion of people's ACE Scores can have people live longer, healthier and more empowered lives, mentally and physically. Tune in weekly here and check out their 2:2 couples coaching here!

Dr. Olivia is also the author of The Thriver's Guide to Medical School, a book that shares vulnerable stories about isolating failures, lonely heartbreaks and devastating setbacks, and how she turned each into an powerful and successful comeback through "mental health hacks". She is currently on a speaking tour, having spoken at the International AMSA conference, the LMSA Regional conference at Johns Hopkins Medical School, Brown Medical school and is lined up to speak at LMSA SE Regional conference, Harvard Medical School and more.

  • YouTube
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Speaking Services


It's high time we stop shaming and start shining a spotlight on the *hush*hush* subject of sex and masturbation. Our education system lacks proper coverage, and our infrastructure has some serious cracks. Let's raise our voices, make some noise, and share our stories so we can break the silence and create a more open and inclusive dialogue.


KC and I have frequent arguments or 'breakdowns', a normal part of any relationship. However, what sets us apart is our ability to effectively address and resolve these issues in under 15 mins. We believe it's important to share our arguments and strategies with you because life doesn't always mirror the flawless image portrayed on social media platforms.


Don't miss out on my book, a dedicated tribute to the underdogs. In it, I shine a light on my failures and openly discuss my struggles, demonstrating how "mental health hacks" can empower you to conquer any obstacle life throws your way. Get ready to embrace tools that will help you rise above challenges and  thrive.

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